When Things Were Great!

My ebook “When Things Were Great!” is ready to go and the order is in for a print version. Hopefully the print version will also be available from Amazon from March 17th.

“When Things Were Great” is about an Irishman, Oisin Landers, who is deported from the US back to Ireland after 20 years absence. Set in the fictional town of Notton Doon in the fictional Barren County, the story concerns Oisin’s attempts to settle back in to what is now a strange land and to find his way home.

The book is now available for preorder from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Apple and will be released on March 17th.

Praise for Eamonn Kelly’s comedy.

Religious Knowledge: “…written and directed by Eamonn Kelly is a gloriously over-the-top spoof on our mythologizing of the Christian Brothers’ past.” The Irish Times

Frugal Comforts: “…Remarkably clever, full of guile and purpose, skillfully poised between the horrible and the hilarious…” The Irish Times

The Comedy Cumann: “…Kelly himself created an excellent stage persona as a deadpan guitarist with a Jim Reeves fixation singing wonderfully dreadful stuff.” Irish Independent