Nelson’s Farewell or, Kiss Me Harder

On this day 50 years ago Nelson’s Pillar was no more, in commemoration of the 1916 Rising. He went, as they say, out with a bang. We may have lost a tourist attraction but the plus side was that everyone got a bit of it. I had a lump of it for a while before I sold it later as a piece of Moon Rock. The Dubliner’s had their photo taken with Nelson’s head, the nose broke from the fall, the Dubliners drinking pints and laughing, the callous bastards. They may even have had a song about it. The joke going in Dublin at the time was that the initial bomb did less damage to surrounding windows than the army’s so-called controlled explosion to remove the remains, which caused widespread alarm and destruction. In the Evening Press there was a photo composite of King Kong demolishing the Pillar with his fist. I’ve never seen the photo since and I sometimes wonder did I see it at all. My big regret about Nelson’s Pillar was that I was saving up for the shilling it cost to go up to the top and get the Nelsonian view of Dublin. Oh well. Happy Golden Explosion Anniversary, Nelson.