Artists, Housework and Learning to Unsee

Insightful article by John O’Brien on the often under-appreciated role of the artist in society.

John O'Brien

Had a fascinating conversation with a student about business training for artists. As we all know the real problem in the development of artists careers is that they have no business skills. Which of course is a handy way of shifting the responsibility for the failures in the arts sector onto the shoulders of the artist, and making sure that the artists know that they’re not as grown up as the business folk. As the leading cultural economist Arjo Klamer points out the heroic figure of the Cultural Entrepreneur is primarily a fictional character in a very particular economic narrative.

There are however other economic narratives that we can consider.

The school of feminist economics poses a range of fascinating questions that strike at the heart of the dominant neo-classical model and sheds light on the fundamental errors in so much government arts policy.

As some in the feminist school…

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